BSc (Hons) Computing (180 ECTS)计算机科学学士学位

BSc (Hons) Computing (180 ECTS)计算机科学学士学位

The Computer Science degree will allow you to develop a wide and practical skill-set in computing with strong programming and mathematics skills, as well as softer skills in project management, presentation and teamwork. You will also have a portfolio of work that you can present to potential employers. With the BSc (Hons) Computer Science, you will be qualified for a range of intensive computational and mathematical jobs in the computer industry."


Learning Outcomes:

  • understand computer systems in their entirety, hardware, software and communications infrastructure; 

  • analyse complex problems and devise a technology based solution; 

  • interpret the diverse software design frameworks and methodologies; 


  • 了解整个计算机系统、硬件、软件和通信基础设施;

  • 分析复杂问题并设计基于技术的解决方案;

  • 理解不同的软件设计框架和方法;